Hi I'm Jo and I am a Parenting coach.

Throughout my teaching carer, I worked 
with hundreds of children who were displaying AD(H)D behaviours.  

Those children were either diagnosed, going through an assessment, or not yet identified.  
Regardless of where they were, I needed to be able to work with them so that they were able to access the curriculum and work to the full potential.

As a foster parent, I have parented many children who have come to live with us with an AD(H)D diagnosis.  Many of these children also had a history of trauma in their lives, and because of that many of their behaviours were considered to be trauma related and not a neurodivergence.  

Regardless of the origin of the behaviours, all of the children who I worked with were able to access the curriculum, find strategies that helped them with their day to day life, and able to, in many instances with our foster children, come off the medication that they were prescribed.

It was during my time as a teacher, that I started to work with parents to help them with the challenges they were having at home.  

The parents were keen to learn the strategies that I used within the classroom that engaged their children and had them following direction and working with me to help solve the challenges that they were facing.

Challenges such as:
Low self esteem
Low self confidence
No motivation
Emotional regulation
Sibling arguments
Non school attenders
Defiant behaviour

The strategies that I use with Parents, come from a therapeutic background with a deep understanding of
brain development, 
child development, 
family dynamics
parenting styles
and how these all impact on the way we navigate our parenting journey and the relationships we develop with our children.

As a Parenting Coach, who focuses on helping parents navigate AD(H)D in their parenting journey, I have been able to help hundreds of parents understand their children's struggles and identify strategies and tools that allow for a more harmonious family environment.  

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