The Parent Strategy Session

From Challenge to Solution

A two hour support session on a specific area where you are having challenges with your children, so that you walk away with strategies and tools that you can put in place that will work for you and your family.

  • Are you finding that you are always questioning your parenting choices?
  • Are there constant battles happening in your home and you don't know how to defuse them?
  • Are your kids pushing all the boundaries leaving you feeling exhausted?
  • Are you constantly wondering if and when they are coming home?
  • Do you find yourself shouting to be heard

 When we find ourselves not knowing what to say or how to respond without making it worse, we feel deflated, anxious, overwhelmed as parents and this can then spiral.

And sometimes we just need to know how to deal with a specific situation.  It can be the boost in confidence that we need.

It can help us realise that we have the answers, we just need someone to help us remember that.  Or recognise it.

And that is exactly why I have created the Parent support hour.  I know what it is like to question your judgement or to feel that you are making situations worse.

When we were foster parents, we were lucky enough to have trusted social workers at the end of the phone.  They were dedicated to helping us work out the strategies we needed to help us through situations we found ourselves in with our kids.

It gave us a space to look at the children's behaviour differently and work out different strategies to use that would give us the different results we wanted to see.  

I understand the value that having this type of support gives us as parents.  And that is what I am offering to you in this Support Hour.

The investment

  • Jo Mitchelhill Coaching
  • £147

    The Parenting Strategy Session A solution to your challenge