How to be a less shouty parent

Wednesday, 29 November 2023
07:30 PM GMT+0000


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"How To be A less shouty parent"

 Are you a parent of a child with ADHD, desperately seeking a more peaceful and harmonious household?
 Do you find yourself raising your voice more often than you'd like, caught in a cycle of frustration and guilt?
You're not alone – and I'm here to help!  

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My  masterclass is designed specifically for parents like you, who want to transform their parenting style,
strengthen their relationship with their child,
and create a home filled with love,
understanding, and cooperation.  

What You'll Gain from Our Masterclass:  

 Effective Strategies: Discover proven techniques to manage challenging behaviours without resorting to shouting or losing your temper.  

Empowerment: Gain confidence in your parenting abilities and learn how to navigate the unique challenges of raising a child with ADHD.  

Improved Communication: Develop better communication skills to connect with your child on a deeper level and foster a stronger bond.  

Understanding ADHD: Get insights into ADHD, its impact on your child's behaviour, and how you can support their growth and development.  

A Happier Home: Experience the joy of a calmer, more peaceful household where love and cooperation thrive.  

Why Choose Our Masterclass?  

Expert Guidance: My masterclass is led by me an experienced parenting expert who understand the challenges you face.  
Community Support: Connect with a supportive community of parents who share your journey, offering encouragement and insights.
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📆 Date: September 27th
🕒 Time: 12PM BST
📍 Location: Online    

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How to be a less shouty parent

Wednesday, 29 November 2023
07:30 PM GMT+0000


Live Webinar Session has ended now.