How to be a less Shouty Parent Masterclass

Sometimes things go a bit wrong.
You feel like you are constantly moaning at the kids to do things.
They moan back.
 Nothing gets done and the house still looks like a mess.
Or you have asked for the umpteenth time for them to get their shoes on.
And they drag their feet.
It maybe that you have asked for the pint glasses and tea spoons to be returned to the kitchen from the pit of doom Only to find that the next time you go to make a cup of tea or coffee there are still no tea spoons.
And then it is rinse and repeat until you have reached the end of your rope and you explode.

 Suddenly everyone is crying
Or shouting back.
Or stomping around the house slamming doors  and flinging tea spoons at you.

It just seems like the only time anyone recognises your requests is when you raise your voice to the point you feel you have to shut all the windows so the neighbours don't hear you.

And it is exhausting.

Wouldn't it be lovely to get a response the first time.
To not feel like you are talking to brick walls.
To be heard,
and respected!

Let's talk tools and techniques that will help you achieve this.

And also discuss the reasons why we are getting into this type of communication pattern.

 Wednesday November 29th @ 730pm I am running my How to not shout at your kids masterclass.

I will talk you through strategies and techniques that I have used both as a parent and a teacher to ensure that I don't need to raise my voice to be heard.
But also these techniques will get your kids doing the things that you want them to do with minimal stress and arguments.

All techniques are great for any age and work brilliantly with ADD.
To book onto this free masterclass, click the link below

Managing Emotions and Challenging Behaviour Workshop

Do you have a child with ADHD who struggles with managing their emotions and coping with challenging behaviours?
Do you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or helpless as a parent?
Do you wish you had more tools and strategies to support your child and yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might be interested in my workshop on managing emotions and challenging behaviours in children with ADHD.

This workshop is designed for parents who want to learn more about the causes and effects of ADHD on emotional regulation and behaviour, and how to apply practical and effective techniques to help their child thrive.

In this workshop, you will learn:
- How ADHD affects the brain and the nervous system, and why children with ADHD have difficulty regulating their emotions and impulses.
 - How to identify and understand your child's emotional triggers, and how to respond in a calm and supportive way.
- How to teach your child coping skills, such as mindfulness, breathing exercises, positive self-talk, and problem-solving.
- How to set clear and realistic expectations, boundaries, and consequences for your child's behaviour, and how to reinforce positive behaviours.
- How to take care of your own mental and emotional well-being as a parent, and how to cope with stress, guilt, and burnout.

The workshop is 1.5 hours long and costs only £30.

It will be held online via Zoom, so you can join from the comfort of your own home.

You will also receive a workbook with exercises and resources that you can use after the workshop. To register for the workshop, please fill out the form below.

Spaces are limited, so don't miss this opportunity to learn valuable skills that will benefit both you and your child.

I look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

The Parent Support Session

Sometimes when things go a bit wobbly, having a person to vent to is crucial.

A person who:
listens to you without judgement, 
offers a listening ear, 
offers support
is able to offer different strategies,

Can make all of the difference to the relationship you have with your tween/teen.

Sometimes you just need a one off session and this is what the Parent Support Session is.

A session that allows you to work with me in depth on one challenge so that you walk away with workable strategies that you can implement straight away.

Bespoke 1-2-1 Coaching - It all starts here.  

Being the parent of a teenager can be incredibly hard work.  Waking up each day and feeling as though you are going to war is draining on you emotionally and physically.    Feeling that there is no let up with their attitude towards you and that you can do nothing right in their eyes. It is incredibly heart breaking especially when it feels that only a few moments ago they were a small child who adored you and wanted to spend all their time with you.  There is a real sense of feeling out of control as a parent and not knowing if you are able to keep you child safe.

What if there was a way to make you feel that you were back in control?  Imagine waking up each day feeling that you have had a refreshing night’s sleep because you have been able to address any issues or challenges without shouting or feeling disrespected. Being able to connect with your teenager and understand each other, create the family environment that you have always dreamed of having.  How much difference would that make to your life?  How much more peaceful would your house be?  How much would that bring your current stress levels down?  Your anxiety levels?  How much more in control would you feel?  

Complete the form for a free 15 minute call with me below will start you on that journey.  

What now?
My new signature course for parents who have either recently received
a diagnosis of ADHD for their child, or suspect it.

One of the things that I hear a lot from parents is that they have a diagnosis
but they have little to no support afterwards.

They are unsure about how best to support their child
Or how to parent them in a way that meets their needs.

But also feel that as a parent, they don't have the strategies to support themselves.

My programme is here to help parents understand the needs of their child and how to support them and themselves so that everyone is able to thrive.

Over 16 weeks, you will learn strategies and tools to use  that will help you parent your child
so that everyone feels more in control of what is going on.

Based on therapeutic principles. my course is designed to build deeper and stronger relationships between you and your child.

Built into the course is 6 weeks of support after the course has taken place, so that you can feel that you have support within a community of like minded people.  
And that is invaluable!

To know more  and be the first to know when the doors opens - join the waitlist below

What's your parenting style?

Hands off?

The type of parenting style we have shapes the way that we interact with our children and the types of relationships that we form.

Having a more in depth understanding of your parenting style will highlight your strengths and where you may be finding challenges.

Take the quick quiz here 
 to find out your parenting style.

Why me? I have been where you are. 
Waking up every day wondering what new battle I was going to be drawn into. Feeling like I had never really slept because my mind just whirled around and around until I fell into an exhausted fitful sleep. 
Only to wake again to the same situation. 
There was no reprieve and no way out. 

Every day felt like ground hog day and I found myself wishing to be at the end of it. When they would pack their bags and leave for their new life as an adult and I could be left alone. My ability to make decisions was at an all time low and my confidence in myself took a beating. All I wanted was to know that it was all going to be ok one day.

Learning to parent teenagers in the modern world was incredibly eye opening for me. Understanding how they think and perceive the world helped me to be equip with strategies to be a more confident parent. I went from feeling like a complete failure to someone who was able to connect with my teenagers. I was no longer feeling lost, alone and unconfident in myself as a parent. I was able to look at situations differently and connect with my children on a deeper level. The house went from feeling disrupted, angry and out of control to an environment where we could all laugh again and enjoy each other’s company. I felt like I was back in the driver’s seat and that it was all going to be ok.

And you can have all this. You can get back in the driver’s seat and have the family life that you imagined you would have.

Helping you get back to being in control through 1-2-1 coaching sessions starts with a 15-minute free call.

Book your slot here to start to Regain Control.

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