I offer assessments for AD(H)D using the QP Check System.
This is run under the NICE guidelines and is of gold standard which means that it is a robust assessment.

By having an assessment, y0u will receive a better understanding of what is happening for your child.  

 - You can access support following a professional assessment
 - Children and young people can access an education health care plan (EHCP)
 - Children and young people can apply for disability living allowance (DLA)
 - An ADHD assessment will allow you to understand  reasons for your behaviour and actions
 - You can discuss with your GP if medication may be an option to consider
 - You can explore the support available in your area  

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The Parent Support Session

Sometimes when things go a bit wobbly, having a person to vent to is crucial.

A person who:
listens to you without judgement, 
offers a listening ear, 
offers support
is able to offer different strategies,

Can make all of the difference to the relationship you have with your child.

Sometimes you just need a one off session and this is what the Parent Support Session is.

A session that allows you to work with me in depth on one challenge so that you walk away with workable strategies that you can implement straight away.

What's your parenting style?

Hands off?

The type of parenting style we have shapes the way that we interact with our children and the types of relationships that we form.

Having a more in depth understanding of your parenting style will highlight your strengths and where you may be finding challenges.

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 to find out your parenting style.

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